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Beekeeping Supplies Product List.

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Workshops & Classes

Feb 22nd Intro class

Feb 29th Intro class

Mar 21st swarms_splitting

Mar 28th swarms_splitting

Apr 18th swarms_splitting

  We are second generation apiarists providing local raw honey and all natural products made from honey, beeswax, & pollen from our hives here in Tualatin, Oregon.  We also provide standard and custom woodenware for Langstroth hives, & beekeeping tools along with workshops and training in keeping the honey bee healthy and strong.

   We also graft our own queens and sell 5-frame nucs after a good brood pattern is established and verified.

Mar 7th & 8th

Portland Spring Bazaar

April 4th & 5th

Wllamette Falls Flea Market

April 11th

Oregon City Wrestling Bazaar

Sundays May 3rd - October

Tigard Farmers Market

Where we will be

Honey and Beeswax Product List.